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Traditional Bulgarian Wedding in the Bulgarian Restaurant Chevermeto

The Bulgarian restaurant Chevermeto offers the unique opportunity to turn your wedding into a typical Bulgarian traditional wedding. It is able to take you and your guests back in the history.

We will meet you with a bagpiper, a loaf, honey and salt. The young couple will step the threshold on a white carpet covered with flowers.

The bride is “stolen” by the relatives and the friends of the wooer, and before the marriage he is shaven by a local notable person as it is according to the tradition. At the same time the bride’s hair is plaited by light-fingered girls and she is put on a red veil. A ritual bread is kneaded under the sound of a sonorous bagpipe.

The bride kicks a copper with water in which there are a white and a red flowers which symbolize the children of the future family. The tradition says that the flowers that are ahead show what the first child in the house will be. The red bunch is for a girl and the white is for a boy.

The ritual ends with a lively horo, pouring wine, songs and dances till dawn.

New Year Celebration



Bulgarian restaurant “CHEVERMETO” combines authentic atmosphere, dishes from old recipes and a folklore spectacle . An atmosphere offering real Bulgarian comfort and returning us back in time to root and traditional. For special occasions as wedding celebrations, jubilee events and others the restaurant offers authentic customs. Meeting the guests with bagpipes, bread with honey and salt, rituals left as traditional from our ancestors during the ages. We will take you to a Bulgarian fairy tale as an old as legend.



Corporate Party

Corporate Party

The Bulgarian restaurant “Chevermeto” with the greatest pleasure would turn your business event into an unforgettable moment. The restaurant has a capacity of 190 comfortable seating in one room. Thanks to our long experience and professionalism in the field of service, you can trust us for the organization and implementation of the service you want, tailored to your requirements, culture, mood and occasion.

A small part of companies that trusted us to organize their company event:

Coca-Cola Bulgaria
HP® Bulgaria
Mars Armor®
Societe Generale Expressbank
Generali Bulgaria Holding
DSK bank
Lev Ins
Strabag Bulgaria
Unicredit Bulbank

Birthday Party

Birthday Party

Българският ресторант ” Чевермето” ти пожелава много нежност в ръцете, слънънчеви усмивки на лицето, щастлива любов в сърцето, достатъчно пари в портмонето, искрена радост в дните и лесно сбъдване на мечтите !

Заповядайте при нас и отпразнувайте рожения си ден, докато опитвате традиционно българска кухня по вкуса на всеки , а по ваше желание можем да изпечем цяло агънце или прасенце запалено пред Вас под звуците на обредни български песни. Потопете се в атмосферата на нашите фолклорна и естрадна певици с богат репертоар от изпълнения и танцов спектакъл представен от танцова формация ” Макам ” . Ресторантът разполага с капацитет до 190 комфортно седящи места в едно помещение

За да бъде завършена организацията на вашия празник може да изберете на място при нас някое от нашите предложения за торта предоставени от Българската Сладкарница ” Д-р Петър Берон ” с адрес гр.София, бул. Витоша 109 / в Читалище д-р Петър Берон / .

Tour Agencies

Tour Agencies

The Bulgarian restaurant “Chevermeto” has for many years maintained traditionally good relations and interaction with both Bulgarian and foreign tour operators.

The Bulgarian restaurant “Chevermeto” has been an indispensable part of the program of foreign tourists who visit Sofia for many years to learn about our custom, food and culture. Due to our traditionally good relations and interaction with some of the biggest Bulgarian and foreign tour operators we have proven to be professionals in the field of feeding many tour groups from all over the world who will have the opportunity to enjoy our folklore and modern day a pop singer accompanied by a wonderful dance performance.

If you are interested, you can contact us to offer our sample menus accompanied by discounts for tour operators.